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 Monday 17th October

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PostSubject: Monday 17th October   Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:16 pm

Drawing from Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Barbra Moore.

Card of the Day is The Lovers

Love yourself before loving others. Know that the moon energies are clearing out past patterns, cycles within your life that are making room for new opportunities, relationships and friendships. Know that if you have cosmic ordered in a partnership, it is on its way to you, as long as the thought is out there, the request will be heard. Ask and you will receive. Love is surrounding your situation that is needing healing and prayers have been heard. Love is what comes from within in each and every one of you so know when you feel the healing energies and the peace that's surrounding you today that in your heart of hearts, you are loved! If you are out looking for a soul mate, one may be drawn to you today, rekindling old flames and new ones, don't worry as we attract the people that are in our lives for a reason, be it lessons or love experiences. If they are meant to be in our lives, they will stay until their purpose with us is finished, or completed. Be positive and know that love is surrounding you today!

Blessings and thanks
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Monday 17th October
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