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 Monday 3rd October

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PostSubject: Monday 3rd October   Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:46 am

Posting this now so that I don't forget on Monday to do the card....
hopefully that's ok

Card of the Day for Tomorrow (Monday 3rd October) is Crystals

Key words, your connection to crystals and gemstones is a channel for healing energy.

Crystal communication is a vast journey, one that will take you in a new direction. Use your crystals wisely, cleanse, charge and place intentions in them, allow their healing energy to flow through you, cleansing and balancing your chakras and your aura. You can even visualize a crystal grid of safety around your home and your sacred space. Communication with the crystals enable you to move forward with your journey, so that even if you are deciding which way to go, hold a crystal that you are drawn to and ask it to show you why it's with you to this day. Meditate with your crystal as this may help you decide and focus on your decision, new direction. Heal yourself before healing others, forgive yourself for all the hardships that you've put yourself through. If you could listen when asked, and allow yourself to hear, many problems would be easily solved and lessened, remember, a problem once shared is a problem halved. Don't worry financially, crystals and their devas are around to help you with your mission. Trust your instincts and your friendship with them!

Blessed be,
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Monday 3rd October
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