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 Tuesday 8th May ~ 7 of Swords

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Spirit Walker

PostSubject: Tuesday 8th May ~ 7 of Swords   Tue May 08, 2012 8:51 pm

Ok, so our card for Tuesday is the 7 of swords.
Through the wrong use of personal power, you are creating trouble. Plans may fail because of the wrong motives behind them. Be warned, if you snoop into another s affairs, your fingers will get burnt. Maybe someone has done something and you feel cheated or wronged in some way.
In this card we see a man sneaking away with the swords. He's just opened the chest, and taking what does not belong to him. 2 dragons sit on the shelf, screaming in anger, trying to warn him not to take what is not his.
Now, when we are ready, we are given the key to this chest, but until then, we are not ready, or balanced to be able to carry the knowledge within. In anything we do, there is no short cut. We all have to learn through determination and dedication. No-one is above the law, and you will be found out. Surely it feels better when you work towards your goal doing what you want and learning along the way rather than taking someone elses idea's.

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Walking the pathway is a fine line, sometimes you will cross over to the other side, but that's ok, for it's what you need to learn, but remember to get the answers you seek, you must ask the right question xxxxx
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Tuesday 8th May ~ 7 of Swords
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