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 Wednesday 2nd May ~ The Chariot

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Spirit Walker

PostSubject: Wednesday 2nd May ~ The Chariot   Wed May 02, 2012 8:45 pm

So today, we have the Chariot. So this card is about having learnt to balance control of a situation, which then benefits you. Now, you may have to pull two opposing forces together to accomplish your goals.
So looking at this card today, we have 2 dragons holding a large sparkling ball between them. Even though they're on top of a mountain, they are balanced and in harmony with each other. Around them are positive and negative forces which flow into the atmosphere evenly.
the smaller dragons are life events that have happened, and we do need to take a look back at these events to see what we can learn from them to help with our balance and maintaining it.
Any spiritual pathway is like climbing a mountain in many ways, we have ups and downs, and it's a long way to the top. It requires commitment and determination, but when we reach the top and rediscover our connections, we also find our balance and harmony that our souls have been seeking.
We need to have all elements in our lives, air, fire, earth, water and spirit, and we also need light and dark to find the true balance.

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Walking the pathway is a fine line, sometimes you will cross over to the other side, but that's ok, for it's what you need to learn, but remember to get the answers you seek, you must ask the right question xxxxx
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Wednesday 2nd May ~ The Chariot
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