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 Wednesday 29th February

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Spirit Walker

PostSubject: Wednesday 29th February   Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:31 pm

Right, we won't see this date for another 4 years. so for Wednesday 29th February, sorry I just had to write it out lol ;-)

We're starting off with the Pendragon. This is a card about Pure Male Energy.... testosterone filled lol... Right, it's time to start admiring the right men in your life and appreciate them for who they are and what they do for you. If you're feeling a bit of a door mat and need to stand up for yourself, it's time to call upon Pendragon for some strength and a bit of that dominant male.
Don't let yourself back down, you know what's right and what you want, so why change things for others?

Now our next card is slightly 'softer' in a sense because we have the Queen of Pentacles. She sits in her chair,regal, proud and ready to listen. She's a good and kind friend to those who know her and even those who don't. She has the ability to take the energy from the pendragon, and although she uses it, because she is 'softer' she is assertive, but not dominant.
This lady is grounded and has the knowledge to help you if you are ready to listen to her guidance.

Our last card is the Grasshopper. This card is the happy card, the message is leaps of happiness. Emotions running on high today it feels, but it's a lovely bouncy energy. I'm feeling today it's to do with a male.... as we all know though, traditionally on the 29th of Feb, the lady can propose to the man in question..... so someone out there is planning.... have you asked yet?

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Walking the pathway is a fine line, sometimes you will cross over to the other side, but that's ok, for it's what you need to learn, but remember to get the answers you seek, you must ask the right question xxxxx
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Wednesday 29th February
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