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 Friday 18th November

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Spirit Walker

PostSubject: Friday 18th November   Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:45 pm

Fridays card is the Chariot. With this card, it's about a journey. It could be that we're travelling somewhere, things will be ok. Be sure to check your oil, water and tyres before you go. This card is also about the emotional struggles, that can be with another person, but it can also be about the emotional struggle going on inside of us. We feel torn in 2 directions, our heart says one thing, the head says another. Listen carefully to the voice within yourself for guidance. Today, I'm finding myself drawn to the numbers on the card, and I'm seeing 11, 4 and 2 today ;-) 11 in numerology is a master number, it's about uplifiting and enlightenment. Let yourself take a meditational journey today, when you get chance. Let your worries be taken away and let yourself float. Find yourself gaining knowledge from your guides and other sources available to you. Learning is a big part of our journey in life and we constantly learn something new, even if we don't realise it.
When we watch a film or hear a song, there maybe a hidden message in the words that we can take comfort from when we feel things are getting tough. Remember those words in times of need, and don't forget, you're never on your own.
The number 4 is about the educators, the teachers in our lives, it's about concentration and being practical, knowing when you are the student and when you are the teacher. Sometimes it turns out that as we are learning, we are often teaching the other person.
Through the turmoil we're also going to be acting as the go between, the sounding board etc. Use your intuition to guide you along the way. Today is a time to seek peace, quiet and harmony in your life. It's all about finding the correct balance.

Walking the pathway is a fine line, sometimes you will cross over to the other side, but that's ok, for it's what you need to learn, but remember to get the answers you seek, you must ask the right question xxxxx
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Friday 18th November
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