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 Tuesday 1st November

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Spirit Walker

PostSubject: Tuesday 1st November   Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:14 pm

8 of Swords

It's all about being worried and feeling trapped. With this card around, we're in a bit of a situation and we're not sure which way to turn, the thing is we have to make a decision, even though it's scary. We're thinking of the problems that could happen but, the thing is they haven't happened yet... it all boils down to that age old question really...."What if?" Again this card is the one were you can put the words...."You're damned if you do and damned if you don't".
Is there someone around you who you've upset for some reason or another, watch your back, she may want revenge or even someone has said something about you and you want to get revenge on them..... It doesn't always work out like that. Think before you act, if it cause hurt, then don't do it.... Don't let yourself hide away behind closed doors, if people were talking about you, hold you head up high and get out there,show the world you're not afraid.

Walking the pathway is a fine line, sometimes you will cross over to the other side, but that's ok, for it's what you need to learn, but remember to get the answers you seek, you must ask the right question xxxxx
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Tuesday 1st November
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