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 Saturday 15th October

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PostSubject: Saturday 15th October   Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:38 pm

Nine of Earth, Accumulation, drawn from Vision Quest Tarot.

Accumulate, draw all the positive things to you, people, friendships that are coming into your life, abundance is surrounding you in happiness, joy and peaceful times. If you are struggling through darkness and through times of winter rest, pay attention to your dreams for they contain messages in them, listen for a sign has been given, either or a feather or penny, put to you in an unusual place, this is from your guardian angel and your guide team, to acknowledge that they are still with you supporting you every step of the way. Accumulate your knowledge and wealth in abundance and the positive vibes, surround yourself with a yellow colour today. Earthy colours will help to ground you and lessen your stress levels.

Blessings and thanks to the guardian angels and guides team who brought this message today,
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Saturday 15th October
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